Tired of the current networking routine?

Want to interact with speakers, attendees and exhibitors beyond business cards and handshakes? Create value for attendees before, during, and after your conference.


Welcome to ConferenceApp

The best in class Social Networking platform that makes it easy for attendees to meet & engage strategically before, during, and after the conference.



Fully Brandable and Customizable

Integrate ConferenceApp seamlessly with your current web design. Your website will be enhanced making your website more attractive to prospective attendees.

Utilize your Social Networks

Advanced algorithms help attendees find each other based on their interests and activities on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.

Dynamic Attendee, Speaker and Exhibitor Profiles

Attendees, speakers and exhibitors are able to create custom profiles, easily viewable by attendees. Very helpful in ‘breaking the ice’.

Map your Schedule

Plan as you go and let other attendees view your schedule while you keep an eye on theirs.

Rich Discussion Forums

A simple conversations platform that will engage your community in curated discussion before, during & after your event.

Community Messaging Platform

ConferenceApp provides a messaging platform that allows attendees to connect with each other, with you and with speakers year‐round.

Integrated Ticketing & Registration Platform

We support ticketing and registration integration from sites such as: EventBrite, Cvent, Regonline, Activa, Brown Paper Tickets and Mogotix.

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“The feedback we got from attendees about ConferenceApp (via our post event survey) was universally *amazing*. We got a few comments about how much better connected folks felt with one another than at other conferences, because of ConferenceApp. We'll definitely be using ConferenceApp next year!”

- Kristina Redgrave, Social Media director at Harvard SECON

“Having ConferenceApp helped us in a few ways: featuring high profile attendees on our website before the event really helped drive registrations, and allowing attendees to pre-network meant that by the time the event happened, we already had teams of likeminded folks assembled, and everyone hit the ground running. We're looking forward to using ConferenceApp throughout our campaign this year.”

- Jake Levitas, Research Director at GAFFTA